I’m home and apologies

Well I finally made it home, I was very glad to be back in my own bed. I had the travel companion beside me from hell from Vancouver to Auckland, she whined and wiggled the whole 16 hours.

Sorry for neglecting this blog while I’ve been away, internet connection was patchy at best, every time I’d try to log in I’d get half way through a post and get kicked out so I’ll update it now.

I took 2,693 pictures over the week but I won’t post all of them LOL

Canada and Alaska lived up to all of my expectations, I had a blast and I have no doubt I will be going back to Canada again, Jasper, Whistler and Montreal are on the agenda next time when I can afford it.


About sydneydeb

I'm off for a month adventure in Canada and wanted to share my travel journal with my online buddies.
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One Response to I’m home and apologies

  1. At first when you said travel companion from hell I was worried… he he he

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