Glacier Bay, whale watching and avalanches

We were in Glacier Bay today and it is spectacular, these huge rivers of ice that end in sheer ice cliffs that sheer off and make a thunderous roar as they plunge into the sea. OK our encounter with an avalanche wasn’t quite that spectacular but I did get a couple of pics of a small avalanche.

I was surprised at how black some of the ice is, they aren’t dirty, it’s silt from the surrounding areas that has been deposited on the ice and then melted its way through it. Sort of like layers in rock or tree rings. Glacier Bay itself is massive and has huge chunks of ice floating in it where they have sheered off.

We saw quite a lot of sea lions sunbathing and a few people said they saw Killer Whales breaching but I didn’t but then again I wasn’t looking as I don’t like Killer Whales. I think I saw a Blue Whale but of course I didn’t have my camera with me.

I went to a port and chocolate tasting night last night too, right after dinner probably wasn’t a good idea but not often I get invited to share port and chocolates by a cute Canadian in a tuxedo so I accepted 🙂

I sat up in one of the bars until about 11:00 pm listening to a band and reading then went to bed.

We’re in Ketchikan, Alaska tomorrow and I have a lumberjack show booked and then a pub crawl that night.


About sydneydeb

I'm off for a month adventure in Canada and wanted to share my travel journal with my online buddies.
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One Response to Glacier Bay, whale watching and avalanches

  1. Squeee! I got to see Whales out of Boston harbor years ago – there’s nothing like it! And chocolate and port and a cute Canadian in a tux, oh my. One more week for my portion! Can’t wait.

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