Horse riding and Good Time Girls tour in Skegway, Alaska

I did a two-hour plus horse ride today, the first time I’ve been on a horse in years and my inner thighs are feeling it, rather glad we’re not in port tomorrow and I don’t have to walk too far. It was so worth it though, I had a sweet horse called Spike who was a black/white piebald. I got a few trots out of him and mostly managed to make him go where I wanted him to go.

To anyone who has ever wanted to visit Alaska but put it off DO IT! Photo’s do not do it justice, simply stunning scenery and the people are lovely. Maybe it’s smaller towns who rely so heavily on the tourist trade but everyone has just been super friendly.

I also did a Ghosts & Good Time Girls Tour which was a hoot. Our Mistress was Ida and she was all dressed up in the clothing of the time and took us all around town, for such a small place it took over an hour to do the tour. I should have done the walking first then the horse riding, ah well.

I did get a picture of salmon swimming back to their spawning ground, I would have got more but Spike decided he wanted that patch of grass and it’s kinda difficult to get a clear pic when you’re arguing with a stubborn horse 🙂

Oh yes I also had another Madam in the Red Onion Salon ask me for ID, I thought she was joking but she was serious and I had to show her my passport!! I’m not going to complain about looking younger but being carded at 45 is pushing it a bit.

Tomorrow we dock in Glacier Bay and will hopefully see Whales.


About sydneydeb

I'm off for a month adventure in Canada and wanted to share my travel journal with my online buddies.
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