Happy Birthday to me from Juneau, Alaska USA

Well I spent my birthday in Juneau, Alaska which makes it four countries I’ve visited so far on this trip, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and now USA 🙂

Even though it’s small, about 30,000 people it’s full of history. I went out to see the Mendenhall Glacier and it is the most stunning thing I think I’ve ever seen.

This huge river of ice that cascades down the mountain into the water. The first sight of it is breathtaking. It’s this bright blue colour and the water is so clear and there are icebergs floating past. Surprising not as cold as you would think. The Glacier is about 2,000 years old.

I also went to the Glacier Gardens which is a huge tropical rain forest garden that two people have built on the side of a mountain, the views from the top are just spectacular. It’s been foggy and overcast all day but as soon as we got to the top of the mountain the sun came out and I got some great pics.

The wait staff tried to sing me happy birthday at dinner but I persuaded them not to and asked them for extra spoons and shared the birthday dessert they brought for me with my other dinner companions, it looked way to sweet for me.

They threw a cocktail party for the Aussies on board tonight, wow what a happening night this has been!! (does sarcasm work on email?) although the singer was good, everything closes down at 10:00 pm

I’m off for horse riding and the Ghosts and Good Time Girls walking tour tomorrow so I’ll update afterwards,

Night all :-*


About sydneydeb

I'm off for a month adventure in Canada and wanted to share my travel journal with my online buddies.
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