Greetings from Alaska!

Its a gray and overcast day in Alaska today so I’m sitting in a nice warm library, watching a bunch of people do line dancing and having a coffee, what are the rest of you up to 🙂

Tonight I’m booked into Le Cirque for dinner. Yes Castle fans there is such a place and I also got a pic of Fatburger LOL. You were right about the coffee, very drab but the stuff in here isn’t too bad. I don’t think much of their bacon, peirce it with a fork and it shatters but the french toast with maple syrup is to die for yummm.

Tomorrow night I’ve been invited to a cocktail party for the other Aussies on board and people are starting to become familiar.

Tomorrow I also have my first shore tour, Mendenhall Glacier and Gardens, I hope it’s warmer than this, brrrr bit chilly for summer and if one more person tells me “you should have been here last week” I will hit them LOL.

It’s been pretty awesome and I’m having a great time. More updates later.


About sydneydeb

I'm off for a month adventure in Canada and wanted to share my travel journal with my online buddies.
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3 Responses to Greetings from Alaska!

  1. Kerry says:

    Glad to hear you’re settling in okay. Have to disagree about the bacon, I love it nice & crispy. Good to hear you’re meeting people okay too. Have a fabulous time.


  2. Ashby says:

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time over there – very jealous!!! Missin’ you back in the office! Happy birthday for yesterday too!! xoxo

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